Lighten up…its all up to chance anyway!

Sahara Freiheit

Repeat after me: the universe is not out to get me. Destiny? Nah, the present is just consequences of past events, and that’s that. I felt pretty smart some years ago when I finally figured that out. Of course that doesn’t stop me from continuing to wonder why things in life work out the way they do. I mean, I’ve got to know if I am to outsmart chance, right?

Some days are slower than others, but nonetheless everything continue to change. I moved out of my parents’ house 6 years ago feeling empowered to explore and build myself up. I met a lot of people, explored lots of places, things and experiences, and made lots of mistakes…I grew up. Now I am sitting on a couch at in my wonderful home feeling uneasy and borderline paranoid expecting chance to pop up with nasty surprises. No, its not so overpowering, but that thought doesn’t leave my mind often.

If I want to know how things, work, I ask…how? To start asking why is to expect to find a larger-than-life plan made for us, maybe to only find a black hole for an answer. To be an absolutist, expecting 100% control and predictability, it can be paralyzing. You may end up afraid to go out and do anything in fear of triggering an expected journey. For me, I will try my best to relax and take what flows my way, believing not in destiny, but in my ability to get through and get out smiling and happy…


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