What did I do wrong?!

… … so, where did I lose them? With my description of an ideal supervisor? (a knowledgeble, decent person who merits the title of supervisor, not necessarily someone who wants to eat lunch with me) Or that question about what I do when facing a mundane, specifically unchallenging, task? (I make up my own challenges while getting the task done to keep things interesting) Was I generally being a bit too cut-throat direct and sounded like a complete jerk? Yes, I know I get excitable and generally don’t hide my emotions well, but isn’t that part of being human? To feel and express, be passionate about what I do, excited with new ideas and solutions, WHILE correctly understanding and sticking to the facts. Well, that’s how I see my colourful self anyway…

It all started with that call to schedule the phone interview, I was about two steps to entering the DB Reisezentrum to finally commit to my TransSib project. The nerves already building up as the two days past until my actual interview. Talk about ice breaker! I didn’t know what to expect, what (not good) surprises will spontaneous come out of my mouth? That half hour went by while I was talking about my research experience and about the Sahara trip. Afterwards, an invitation to the assessment centre came. OMG, an AC, what is an AC?! cue the Panic! I gave it its deserved amount of googling and at some point settled down long enough to make a presentation for the following Monday.

Already at the start, our invincible group of six BrainiACs decided to work together and be the normal nice people that we are, and not feel compelled to play the dog-eat-dog game looking to impress. We gave our presentations, had a fruitful group discussion, roll play, and interviews (and yes, psychologist present). I felt my general nervousness in my handwriting, it just looked shaky and abnormally horrendous. Throughout the interviews I was completely honest in my self-presentation (too honest?), and actually walked away feeling pretty great about myself. Hang on a second, now that I think back, they did mention at the begining that this assessment centre is the platform in which we, the candidates, and them, the employers/observers, can get to know each other. But actually, while we were being slutty with who we are, they just kept observing and stayed neutral, we didn’t really get to know them at all!!

Still Smiling
Still Smiling

Anyhow, its never too late for me to work on my people skills and channel my ever-hyperenergetic state to a manageable form. In chocolate terms, bite-size. Keep Going!


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