INclusion Criteria

He has a passion for trail running; I guess I am pretty active. He likes extreme outdoor sports, I taught indoor sports. We met in a climbing hall one day, and afterwards my life changed.

Recently I read an article in Trailrunner “Is running a threat to your relationship?”, and here’s how we really got it together.

He shares the mountains with me. Starting with patiently shopping with me for my first hiking shoes and poles, he hiked with me on our first dates until I got more comfortable with my footing on the rocky terrain. Then we would study maps together as he proposes tours he wants to run, and we would find a meeting point somewhere that I should hike to, usually a hut where we can sit with cold drinks before leaving together. For longer trainings we pick beautiful new regions where we would hike together for a bit and then he runs off to catch a few summits before rejoining. I guess it is easy when we have good time estimates. Of course every now and then, there are slips too, like him running off on the trails leaving me alone to fend for myself in bear country.

Going to competitions would be like a weekend getaway or a slightly longer trip, because each of them is like a new adventure. Usually a combination of roadtrip, culture, good food, new people, and of course, the race itself. He always seems to worry more about me than the race itself. And in turn, I am happily waiting for him at the finish line holding take-out pizza or standing hours in the rain to bring him fresh gear, while running around snapping pictures. Lately I took up mountain biking, which is a great workout on the way to aid stations to meet up with him during his race.

He shares running gossip with me, while I make an effort to pick up Trailrunner every now and then. What I am saying is that he patiently brought me out to the mountains with him, and though I do not run, during the time he spends running, I find my own way to enjoy the trails. Even after I had my knee surgeries and walking was a challenge, I never felt threatened by his time spent training.

Besides his running, we spend time climbing, on alpine tours, cycling, and trying out new sports when they come up. Its about having fun while spending time together and setting each other up for outdoor adventures.


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